Who we treat

The OsteopathyCentre treats everyone

General Treatment

Osteopathy is for everyone and can be central to your healthy lifestyle.

As expert osteopaths in Walthamstow, at The Osteopathy Centre we like to help the widest range of people that we can, young and old, active or sedentary. Whether you are suffering from general aches and pains, have an injury from sports, work or an accident, are suffering with stress and anxiety or maybe you are simply looking for a general health check-up The Osteopathy Centre is where you can come for help developing your health and wellbeing.

We plan your treatment according to your presenting issues with a view to helping you achieve realistic health goals. Advice on exercise and stretching, posture and ergonomics, stress management and habit changes will be given. That way you will be in a position to improve your quality of life and avoid further symptoms and injuries.

MOT treatments

At The Osteopathy Centre we recommend maintenance treatments for people of all ages for symptom prevention and for pain management. We can assess you at regular but well spaced intervals to help identify problems before they cause you pain. Our aim is to help you keep healthy and able to achieve the goals that you set yourself.

We also offer medical acupuncture in Whetstone & Woodford Green and the surrounding area.

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