The Younger Patient

The younger patient may be from new born through to 16. At whatever age, these years of growth and development can be both physically and emotionally demanding.

New parents often have concerns about how their babies are thriving; worrying about sleep, feeding and digestive issues. Complications following on from a long labour or caesarean section are also areas of concerns that might be presented.

As your children get older other problems may arise such as growing pains, sports injuries or postural issues. These might be hereditary or maybe just habitual. Habits are a big cause of many adult problems so identifying them in the early, formative years is important in prevention.

Osteopathy is for all ages*. Here at The Osteopathy Centre I offer safe and effective care to help your children with their health and wellbeing.

*  Treatments and techniques are always modified to suit the patient.

** Signed Informed Consent is required for the treatment of all minors and it is also required that a responsible adult stay within the treatment setting through all stages of the consultation.