The Shoulder


The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body with the great range of movement you need for all of the daily activities that involve arm and hand function. Pretty much everything you do really!

Shoulder pain may be caused through repetitive movements, trauma from sports, falls or accidents. Often it is as a result arthritis or referral from other areas.
Conditions such as ‘frozen shoulder’ or tendonitis can cause a lot of pain and limited movements. Shoulder pain can be stubborn and may need a lot of treatment and perseverance to resolve.

At The Osteopathy Centre I do not just look at the symptomatic areas but also at all the other areas that may influence the shoulder such as the neck or back or sometimes areas even further afield. Discovering what may be causing your shoulder pain is key to helping you in restoring your mobility and pain free movement.

If your shoulder is too painful you can lean on The Osteopathy Centre.
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