The Back


Your spine is very complex. It’s functions are to move, support, shock absorb and protect. When part of the spine isn’t working it can be a real pain, stopping you from doing even the simplest of your daily activities.

Low back pain can occur for many reasons. The most common causes are poor habits, a change in physical activity, poor posture, lack of fitness and strength as well as degenerative conditions.

These situations may result in joint irritation and restriction, muscle spasms, disc injuries and nerve pains.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends osteopathy and acupuncture for the effective treatment of non-specific low back pain.

At The Osteopathy Centre I will look to see how your back is functioning and what might be causing your pain and irritation.  My attention is focused on how I can help you get back to optimal movement using osteopathic treatment, acupuncture, advice and home exercises.

The Osteopathy Centre can help you. If your back goes out more often than you do, call 0794 965 4722 to make an appointment to visit us today.