Knee, Ankle and Foot

The knee is the largest joint in the body, relying upon muscles, tendons and ligaments for its stability, flexibility and freedom of movement throughout our daily activities.

Knee problems can start with simple activities that you take for granted, like moving around your home or place of work, playing sports or dancing. Strains, injuries and degenerative changes common in abused sporting knees and in the older patient, frequently cause pain and limitation.


Knee pain and stiffness can be caused by problems with the muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and bones in the knee itself. Issues involving other areas such as the back, pelvis, hip or ankle can affect the function of the knee causing pain.

In an average lifetime one will walk 110,000 miles, that’s a lot of pounding on your feet.

Our feet and ankles are remarkable versatile group of joints; sensing and adapting to the ground underfoot, delivering the power to walk and run and with other senses, help to maintain balance.

With all the weight of your body passing through your feet and the exertion that you place on them in sports and other activities it’s amazing that feet and ankles don’t suffer more than they do. Having said that plantar fasciitis and ankle sprains are common issues.

Unmanaged foot issues will nearly always result in knock on symptoms in other parts of the body.

Love your feet!  They aren’t ugly, cheesy things, they are amazing shock-absorbing, powerful supports.

Solving your knee, foot and ankle pain might not be a walk in the park but give The Osteopathy Centre a call so I can help you spring back to fitness and function. To book an appointment call 07949654722