Head and Neck

The Neck

As an expert osteopath in Finchley, I know that your neck is the most mobile part of your spine, supporting your head (which weighs an impressive 3.6-5.4Kg / 8-12Lbs) on top of it.

So many of us spend many hours using computers at our desks and looking down to our mobile phones and tablets. These postures can be the cause of much of the pain we feel.

A recent study published in the journal ‘Surgical Technology International‘ shows that when you lean 15 degrees forward, the head weight is more like 27 lbs, increasing to 22kgs / 49Lbs at 45 degrees. At a 60-degree angle – typical when looking at a mobile device – your head puts a 27Kgs / 60 lbs strain on your neck.
These forces put increased pressure on the discs in the neck and spine, which causes increased compression and can lead to chronic neck and shoulder pain and severe headaches.

Other things that might cause your neck to hurt are stress and anxiety; other postural issues such as driving, degenerative conditions and trauma that may be from sport, a fall or car accident.

Whether your symptoms are neck pain or restricted movement the most common causes are muscle strains, restricted joints and irritated nerves. These may not only cause neck pain but also headaches, jaw and arm pain.

At The Osteopathy Centre I will look at how your neck and back move, and what might be causing the dysfunction. I will advise you about how I can help you get back to pain free movement through osteopathic treatment, acupuncture, advice and simple exercises to fit in to your day.

Neck pain can be debilitating. Do something positive about it today, get in touch to make an appointment. We also offer medical acupuncture in Totteridge & Whetstone and the surrounding areas of Finchley.


There are many causes for and types of headache; at some point most of us will suffer with headaches. Osteopathy has been shown to be extremely effective in the treatment of most headaches. Once the cause of your headache is diagnosed, the OsteopathyCentre can offer you rapid relief of your symptoms through a variety of osteopathic treatments.

Don’t let your headaches rule you, call The Osteopathy Centre on 07949654722 to book an appointment. –  The Osteopathy Centre can make a real difference.

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