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The Osteopathy Centre has been helping people with their health and well-being since 1999. As an expert osteopath with practises in Totteridge & Whetstone, Woodford and Walthamstow, my aim is to help you along your route to improved health and recovery, using osteopathy and medical acupuncture.

Your body is a phenomenal thing, functioning efficiently so that you can achieve your goals. Sometimes due to trauma, stress and strain, your body fails and you may experience pains and restrictions that limit your achievements.

Great structure and functions of your body are key to your health. At The Osteopathy Centre, I look at your structure and do my best to help you achieve your best function so that you can fulfill your goals. We also offer acupuncture in Barnet and the surrounding area.

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What conditions can osteopaths help to treat?

Osteopaths treat the whole body for a wide range of conditions. Most commonly we are asked to help with problems affecting the muscles, bones, joints, ligaments and tendons – the musculoskeletal systems.

Areas that are most frequently treated are the neck, back and shoulders, low-back, hips, knees and arm & hand.


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Some conditions that we are frequently asked to help with are:


Osteopathy is a system of healthcare that is suitable for everyone from newborn babies through to the elderly. It is a manual therapy based on a series of well-defined principles and the philosophy of A T Still the founder of the discipline.

It is also an established mode of treatment that may compliment your medical – GP, Hospital, NHS treatments or other therapies.

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Medical acupuncture

Medical acupuncture is also offered as an adjunct treatment for the relief of pain. It is particularly effective for:

  • joint and muscle pain
  • arthritis
  • tissue damage pain
  • nerve pain


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